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Stand and Accelerator Kit

Price - 419.00/-


  • Two stands made of Plastic and 2 kgs of Accelerator Kit
  • Dimensions of One Stand -Diameter - 160 mm, height - 70 mm, and Thickness - 3 mm

Why a Stand and Accelerator Kit?

  • Sampoorn Home Composter has to be kept at an elevated position so that the compost tea can easily flow from the tap and get accumulated in the plastic container.
  • The accelerator (2 kgs) contains good quality of sawdust(browns) which helps in generating carbon, essential for composting.
  • We have also added Biological Inoculant an effective, safe and environmentally sensitive facilitator of aerobic composting of organic waste.
  • Price is inclusive of GST and Transportation cost

  • Price - 419.00/-

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