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Sampoorn Home Composter (Triple)

  • Sampoorn Home Composter (Triple Bins) is an Aerobic Composting Kit (Three 35 L Compost Bins with Accessories) which helps in converting the kitchen waste into compost.
  • Material of the compost bins is made of Plastic which has high longevity.
  • Perfect for segregation of waste. Ideal for Gardening Enthusiasts also
  • Price is inclusive of GST and Transportation cost


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Product Description

    The Kit Includes:

  • Three Composters (35 litres each)
  • Three Strainers
  • Four kgs of Accelerator(Good quality Sawdust and microbes)
  • One Rake
  • Three taps
  • Three Stands
  • User Manual
  • Material of the compost bins are made of a plastic which has high longevity.
  • Ideal, if you are generating lot of organic waste

    Why Sampoorn Home Composter?

  • It is Attractive, User Friendly & Cost Effective
  • Accommodates all kinds of Organic Waste
  • No need to buy Manure/Compost from the market.Gives rich, organic manure - right at home!
  • Makes composting an easy and a convenient process. A boon for working and busy people!
  • Portable and long lasting - a thick container enabling usage even while you shift homes!
  • No electricity/technical knowledge is needed for operating – a completely natural interaction.
  • Uses Aerobic composting process
  • Generates approximately 2-3 kgs of compost per composter
  • No compromise on the strength of the composter.Good quality plastic is used, which has high longevity
  • Consultation via WhatsApp, email or phone support post purchase till first cycle of compost is ready