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Single Compost Bin Without Accessories

  • Sampoorn Home Composter (Single Bin) is an Aerobic Composting Kit for customers who have already bought Sampoorn Home Composters and need an extra one. It helps in converting the kitchen waste into compost.
  • Material of the composters is made of Plastic which has high longevity.
  • Dimensions of each Composter - Length - 34 cm, Breadth - 34 cm, Height - 44.5 cm
  • Price is inclusive of GST and Transportation cost


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Product Description

    The Kit includes:

  • One Compost Bin (35 litres)
  • One Strainer
  • One tap
  • One Stand
  • Material of the compost bin is made of good plastic and has high longevity

    Why Sampoorn Home Composter?

  • It is Attractive, User Friendly & Cost Effective
  • Accommodates all kinds of Organic Waste
  • No need to buy Manure/Compost from the market.Gives rich, organic manure - right at home!
  • Makes composting an easy and a convenient process. A boon for working and busy people!
  • Portable and long lasting - a thick container enabling usage even while you shift homes!
  • No electricity/technical knowledge is needed for operating – a completely natural interaction.
  • Uses Aerobic composting process
  • Generates approximately 2-3 kgs of compost per composter
  • No compromise on the strength of the composter.Good quality plastic is used, which has high longevity
  • Consultation via WhatsApp, email or phone support post purchase till first cycle of compost is ready