Say Yes to ‘ Easy Home Composting Experience!'

Our Vision

We envision a India where there is no need for any landfills & our cities are cleaner and healthier places to live in. Thus, promoting Zero Waste Lifestyle

Our Dream

  • We Want Millions Of People To Take Up Home Composting In India
  • No Amount Of Organic Waste Should Reach The Landfill
  • Promoting Waste Segregation At Every Household Through Our Compost Bins
  • Promoting Zero Waste Lifestyle In Every Possible Way

Our Composting Philosophy

Our Video

Why Sampoorn Home Composter?

  • Is a composting unit designed for urban living
  • Acts as a regular organic waste bin.
  • Makes composting an easy and a convenient process.
  • Our interaction with the customer doesn’t stop at the time of purchase.
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Why should I compost?

To enrich your plants and segregation of waste.

Why segregation of our waste?

Indian cities are dirty and filthy because we dump all our waste together. Segregation of waste is the key.

What is your return policy?

Damaged products will be refunded.Please send the relevant pictures of the damaged products

Will my compost smell?

Not at all, it will only produce odour similar to when the